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Equipment warranties are very important. Depending on the warranty duration, you could have to pay a lot of money for repairs or have them partially covered. While a unit might seem cheaper upfront, the potential repair costs that come with a short warranty—or having to replace the unit in just a few years—will make it far more expensive long-term. Also, while a warranty might look great on the surface, it’s true, not-so-great details will be revealed in the fine print. To avoid all these problems come to Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning. The Hague WaterMax® has a 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, efficient and effective water treatment system along Colorado’s Front Range give us a call at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

The Hague WaterMax®

The Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioning system is a highly customizable, comprehensive water conditioning system that ensures that the water coming into your home is clean and contaminant free (per specifications). It is user-friendly and reflects Hague’s high standards for quality. Some features include:

  • High flow rate
  • Quick regenerations
  • Whole-house, self-cleaning, integrated filter
  • Multi-compartment configurations to address specific water quality concerns
  • Settings that stay the same despite a power outage
  • Different regeneration settings (by consumption, on-demand, or by calendar)

And more!

The Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioning system offers you cleaner water, great water pressure and much more. Plus, our system uses what’s known as Absolute Brining™ so the correct amount of salt is used every time – you’ll never waste water and you’ll never waste (or taste) salt! If you’re looking for a water treatment system along Colorado’s Front Range, give us a call to learn more about the WaterMax®, 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Get A Water Treatment System With A Real Warranty

Hague’s WaterMax® line has a 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Other companies may promise you a “lifetime warranty”—read the fine print. You may find that the “lifetime” coverage isn’t what you’d expect. We offer a great warranty to back up the high quality of the Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioning system. Give us a call to learn more about our equipment warranty at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899. 

Better Water For Better Living!

You may have heard that using a water softener is a big hassle – NOT SO! Periodically adding salt to the brine tank (dependent on water quality and usage) is generally all that is required, and your Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning representative will be able to tell you almost exactly how much salt you will use. If that is more than you want to take on, no problem, Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning provides water softener maintenance along Colorado’s Front Range. To learn more about our water treatment services give us a call today at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Water Conditioner 101

If you are currently deciding whether or not to invest in a water softener, it is a good idea to fully understand their purpose and how easy it is to perform water softener maintenance. Water conditioners are used to reduce water hardness, reduce iron, and take out harmful contaminants like radium and lead. Each of these has its own “pain level”—some are aesthetic some are health hazards. A comprehensive, customizable water conditioner like the Hague WaterMax® is a simple and efficient solution. The ion exchange process in a Hague WaterMax® generally only requires the periodic addition of salt to the brine tank to keep your water clean and your WaterMax® running efficiently. Clean water—simple and efficient.

Our Water Softener Service

Every once in a while a Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning system may need some TLC, or maybe your well water characteristics have changed and things aren’t working the way they did. In either case, we are at your disposal. Our Hague Accredited Service Technician can solve any problem with your Hague system, and we can often fix other types of systems as well. Whether you have a problem, or just a question, call us toll free at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Better Water for Better Living!

Many customers are unsure whether to choose a water softener or water filter for their homes. Both are methods of water treatment, but give you very different results. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning ensures you are informed about and understand your water treatment options. We’ll give you the facts to make the correct water treatment decisions. Water softener vs. Water filter – and if you determine you would like to get a water softener or water filter along Colorado’s Front Range call 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!

The first step is a water test performed by one of our water specialists to identify contaminants and other problems in your water. This will help us to prescribe the right water treatment options. We provide a free water analysis by appointment, just call 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are used in homes that have hard water. The addition of softeners reduce the negative impact of hard water, such as scale buildup in pipes and appliances, water spots on dishes, excessive soap use, and reduced energy efficiency. Using ion exchange technology, hardness-causing minerals are switched out with sodium ions, eliminating irritating hard water problems. Water softeners can also remove iron and certain metals (e.g., lead, radium). Filters remove particulates and organics, but will not remove hardness. So, if you are deciding between a water softener or water filter and your problem is hard water, heavy metals or iron you need a water softener!

Water Filters

Filters remove undesirable particles from your water, such as sediment or iron. Essentially, water passes through a filter, which catches these harmful particles. So, if you’re choosing between a water softener or a water filter and your problem relates to particulate matter, a water filter may be the best option. Often water filters are paired with water softeners or water conditioners to ensure that particulate matter does not foul the ion exchange resin. The Hague WaterMax® is one of few such systems with an integrated filter eliminating an extra piece of maintenance-requiring equipment necessary for other manufacturers’ systems to work properly. The WaterMax® functions to both filter your water and soften it, so you’ll have everything you need in one piece of equipment. Plus, it’s easy to use and tracks your water consumption to help ensure you always have enough clean water when you need it. Get more details at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!

Better Water for Better Living!

Here are some tips to help you get serious about water while keeping your hydration habits fresh at the same time:

  • Pour the water into an attractive glass or easy-to-use water bottle.
  • Add ice or chill your water.
  • Drink moderate-size portions spread over the course of a day, rather than trying to drink it all at one time.
  • Make drinking water a habit – drinking water at the same time each day will make it much easier to remember.
  • Make water more available – carry a BPA-free bottle with you at work or when you’re going to be away from home for long periods of time.

And make sure your drinking water is of the best quality and purity you can get.  We can’t help you drink the water, but Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning can make sure you get best quality water!  Call us at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899

Better Water For Better Living!

A Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioner is a technologically advanced, yet simple and efficient solution for hard water problems. The Hague WaterMax® will condition your water to your exact specifications even if hardness is not your only problem. It includes an integrated sediment filter and uses Hague’s patented Absolute Brining™ process so it only uses the amount of salt necessary for each regeneration, saving you from wasting both salt and water. The Hague WaterMax® is a completely customizable, comprehensive water treatment system that makes providing your family with the water quality you want simple and easy.

If water conditioning sounds like a good choice for you give Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning a call at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899. Our Certified Water Specialists will diagnose your water related problems and suggest options so you can choose the best solution for your water and your family.  Call us today for water conditioning at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!

Better Water For Better Living!

Hard water contains a large amount of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. This is what causes dry skin, brittle hair, spots on your dishes, makes your laundry dull and promotes soap scum and scale buildup. Not only that, hard water clogs your pipes – not good for your plumbing system! Hardness also makes your water heater work harder, costing you more money to heat your water and reducing the life of your water heater (as well as your dishwasher and washing machine.) Many people decide to use water softening equipment to eliminate these issues. Soft water doesn’t contain these minerals, so the spotting, the scum and scale, the damage to pipes, the excessive use of (to name just a few): soaps/shampoo/conditioner/lotion/detergents/drink mixes, as well as dry itchy skin and brittle hair become problems of the past! Find out how to improve your water experience, call 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Better Water for Better Living!

Will a water softener make much of a difference for you?

Absolutely—you’ll actually be able to see the difference! Not only will you need to use less soap (laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoos, etc.), but you will see a remarkable difference in the amount suds and the clarity of the water softened water provides. Even a minimal level of hardness can have a significant impact on increased soap consumption (and other things that have to dissolve in your water.) If you are dealing with hard water in your home, it might be causing you many other problems—some obvious, others not so much. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning installs water conditioners along Colorado’s Front Range to eliminate all the problems hard water can cause. Learn more about living with soft water and then contact us today get your water softener at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!

You certainly can! Soft water actually makes humidifier cleaning easier. When hard water evaporates, a hard scale forms that normally requires some drastic removal techniques. But when soft water is used, the residue is commonly called “soft” and can usually be easily removed. Learn more about humidifier cleaning, and then call Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning!

Cleaning a Humidifier 101

As we said, humidifier cleaning is much easier when you have soft water. Hard water contains a lot of hardness-causing minerals which can coat your pipes, leave spots on your dishes, and make cleaning a humidifier difficult! Remember, softening water does not reduce the total amount of minerals present; ion exchange softening switches the calcium and magnesium hardness-causing minerals with sodium minerals.

The most common humidifier in homes has an open pan, a small tube connected to a water source, and a float valve. When water evaporates, the float valve opens to permit more water to flow into the pan. Eventually this type of unit fills with minerals deposited by the water. Using soft water will keep the mineral buildup down and the humidifier functioning properly. All you need to do when cleaning buildup off of a humidifier using soft water is flush the unit and then go over it with a soft brush. If you’d like to disinfect the unit, check your manual for instructions. It’s important to follow the directions provided for humidifier maintenance as you will probably be using bleach and you don’t want to harm the unit or make anyone sick.

How to Make Humidifier Cleaning Easier

Like we said, soft water makes humidifier cleaning simple. The Hague WaterMax water treatment system can both soften your water and purify it. It’s easy to use and has an absolute brining system to ensure you never waste salt or water during regeneration. Plus, you can set it to regenerate on your schedule, whether that’s by calendar, by consumption, or on-demand. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning makes getting soft water easy.

Contact Us to Get Your Water Treatment System

Humidifiers are a great addition to any home, particularly in our dry climate. But you might avoid them if you’re worried about frustrating humidifier maintenance. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning makes owning (and cleaning) a humidifier a stress-free experience. Give us a call to get your Hague WaterMax water treatment system so you can see the difference soft water will make in your home. You won’t have to deal with buildup in your pipes, dull clothing, spots on your dishes, or any other hard water problems any longer.

Contact us today at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Better Water For Better Living!

No, you should not use soft water for lawn maintenance. Living with soft water requires some small changes when it comes to normal household tasks, but you’ll probably find these changes are worth it since you don’t have to deal with hard water any longer! Learn more about living with a water conditioner along Colorado’s Front Range and give Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning a call to order yours!

Toll free 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Water Conditioners & Lawn Maintenance

For outside use on lawns or gardens, using softened water is wasteful. Depending on how much salt you need to use to reduce the mineral content of your water, the sodium content after softening may be great enough to retard plant growth and harm grass. This is especially true in climates where rainfall is scarce. Areas that receive regular rain are not as sensitive to sodium accumulation because the rainfall alleviates the sodium from the ground. Ask the dealer who is installing your water conditioner about a bypass for lawn and garden faucets as well as a faucet for untreated water.

Water Conditioners & Soap

Having a hard water conditioner also affects how you clean. Soft water makes a small amount of soap have the same cleaning effect as a large amount, so we suggest you start by using one quarter of the product recommendation and go from there. This includes dish washing liquid as well as shampoo and conditioner. You don’t want to waste soap or have to spend a long time trying to wash it away!

Water Conditioners & Humidifiers

If you have a humidifier, using conditioned water makes cleaning your unit much easier! Hard water creates mineral buildup on appliances like humidifiers that can make them difficult to clean. With soft water, cleaning your humidifier is much simpler. Usually all it takes is either flushing out the unit or using a soft brush to remove any minor buildup. So you can avoid scrubbing for hours just to get rid of buildup by using a water conditioner – what’s not to like?

Water Conditioners & Your Bathroom

Can’t stand that grimy buildup on your shower curtain? Using a hard water conditioner will help to eliminate it! Soft water doesn’t contain the hardness-causing minerals that are present in hard water, so you don’t get that irritating buildup in your shower. This makes cleaning much easier! Instead of spending hours scrubbing the tub and shower curtain, just a little cleaning power could be all it takes!

Get a Water Conditioner Along The Front Range

If you’re looking for a water conditioner along Colorado’s Front Range, call Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning. We carry the Hague WaterMax water treatment system which functions as a water conditioner as well as a purifier. It can be set to regenerate based on date, consumption, or on-demand. It also includes an absolute brining system to ensure you never waste water or salt. Best of all, we can even get it up and running for you! Give us a call to learn more about our water conditioners and to order yours today 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!  

Better Water For Better Living!

If you are trying to improve your home’s water quality, you may have heard the terms point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE). The distinction between the two is important, as they are very different products. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning offers both POU and POE options for water treatment along Colorado’s Front Range. We can help you decide whether a POU or POE water treatment system best meets your needs.

POU Water Treatment Products

Point-of-use (POU) water filtration products treat only the water intended for direct consumption, e.g., water coming straight from the tap–typically the water you drink and cook with. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning carries Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certified Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification systems. Reverse osmosis is “Final Barrier” technology–the last step of purification to prevent the ingestion of contaminants. Our systems fit conveniently beneath your sink with a spigot at the counter-top. We can also hook this 4-stage reverse osmosis system up to your ice maker or water dispensing refrigerator. Hague’s POU reverse osmosis systems come with the same 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty as our WaterMax® line.

POE Water Treatment Products

Point-of-entry (POE) products are typically installed where your water first enters your home, treating it before it moves through your pipes. The Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water treatment system is a POE system. The Hague WaterMax® can be customized to address your specific water quality concerns. It’s easy to use-almost maintenance free–and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. There is a built-in sediment filter to reduce solids in your water. The WaterMax® is tremendously efficient and uses a patented Absolute Brining™ system that ensures you never waste salt or water during regeneration–the WaterMax® will use only the amount of salt necessary to regenerate the resin bed. Speaking of regeneration – the WaterMax® regenerates in as little as 12 minutes, using as few as 14 gallons of water! Plus, you have complete control over your regeneration schedule. Whether you want regeneration on demand, by consumption, or by calendar, you can make the Hague WaterMax® match your schedule and needs! If you’re looking for water conditioner along Colorado’s Front Range, the Hague WaterMax® is a great choice!

Call US for Water Treatment anywhere along the Front Range at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899. 

Better Water For Better Living!

A Water Treatment System with More Flexibility!

4 stages of water filtration allow Complete Customization to meet your specific water quality needs.

Hague’s water treatment system uses high-capacity fine mesh resin, vacuum VIBRAPACKED™ for maximum volume. This provides more surface space, allowing more capacity and fewer regenerations.

Super Smart Computer Controlled System

operations that runs on only a 12 VAX transformer and has a capacitor that retains settings during power outages – No more resetting your unit when the power goes out! The unit tracks water consumption and can be set to Regenerate by consumption, On Demand, or By Calendar. Tracking allows for absolute brining to help you get the most out of your water treatment system.

What is Absolute Brining and How Does it Help Me Make the Most out of my Water Treatment System?

It’s a Hague exclusive feature which adjusts the salt dosage to the exact amount required for each regeneration. It means that the WaterMax® water treatment system never wastes salt or water.

About Our Control Valve on Our Water Treatment System

  • The Hydro-Slide Piston is the only internal moving part and is Teflon® encapsulated
    for years of trouble-free operation. Hague’s valve has been tested for over 100,000
    cycles with no detectable wear.
    • Built-in Bypass offers convenient single-handle operation.
    • Blending Valve is installer-adjusted to precisely match your softness preference.
    • Test Port offers easy access for water testing.
    • 1″ Valve permits easy connection to larger plumbing, or easily reduce to 3/4″.
    • Internal plumbing is 1 1/4″ to limit pressure loss through units, larger than typically found in the industry.
    • Valve position is controlled by WaterMax® exclusive magnetic technology – no
    solenoids or switches.

Other Benefits of the Hague Water Treatment System

  • High flow rate: 13 gpm at 15 psi pressure drop – substantially better than our
    • Whole-house, self-cleaning filter reduces dirt and sediment to a nominal 20 microns –
    smaller than the eye can see. No cartridges to change!
    • Regeneration as short as 12 minutes.
    • Uses as little as 14 gallons of water per regeneration.
    • Removes 6,000 grains of hardness per 1 pound of salt or salt substitute.

FREE Consultation on Your Water and Our Water Treatment Systems!

Are you looking for a water treatment system, but not exactly sure how to choose one? If you are located on Colorado’s Front Range call now for a free consultation and find out how WaterMax will fix your water troubles!  Call toll free at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Better Water For Better Living!

Reverse osmosis is a popular form of water treatment used in many homes. The water these units produce is great-tasting, exceptionally clean, and a great product to serve to your friends and family. Reverse osmosis might seem like a complicated process, but it’s actually pretty simple! Learn more about how a reverse osmosis water purification system along Colorado’s Front Range can make a difference in your home – and find out how to get one from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning!

How Reverse Osmosis Works

In simple terms, reverse osmosis is the process by which water molecules are forced through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure. Reverse osmosis equipment provides filtered water everywhere, from homes and commercial applications like restaurants and hotels, to breweries and car washes. In fact, reverse osmosis water systems can even purify water in space shuttles! Household reverse osmosis water systems typically filter water using the following steps:

  • Raw tap water first flows through a sediment filter to remove dirt, rust, and other solid objects.
  • The water then flows into a carbon filter that takes out 98% of the chlorine and organic chemicals.
  • The next stage is the reverse osmosis membrane, where dissolved solids are removed from the water molecules. These impurities are rinsed down the drain and the clean water is stored for delivery to a designated faucet.
  • When you open the valve, the water is filtered one last time with a carbon block “polishing filter” right before it reaches your glass.

Using reverse osmosis filters provides much more pure water than a faucet-mounted filter alone. It is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the highest quality water possible. And it’s easy to get with a little help from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning!

Get a Reverse Osmosis Water System On Colorado’s Front Range

If you’re interested in Reverse Osmosis Water Purification along Colorado’s Front Range from Denver to Ft. Collins, give us a call! We’ll help you get the equipment with the reverse osmosis water filters you need to ensure you are only drinking clean, healthy water.  Call toll free at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.

Better Water For Better Living!

It costs significantly less to produce your own purified water than it does to buy bottled water. In addition, you can be sure you are getting high quality water – with the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certified Hague H6500 you will remove 96.7% of dissolved solids. It is much more “green” and healthy to reuse a BPA-free water bottle than to continue to add plastic bottles to the island of plastic that floats around Pacific Ocean (which is roughly twice the size of Texas and can be seen from the space shuttle). Call Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning today to learn more about purifying your drinking water in a healthy, environmentally friendly way!  Call toll free at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899. 

Better Water For Better Living!

It’s important to consider all your options to ensure you get the best system for your home or business.   If you are thinking about getting a water treatment solution along Colorado’s Front Range, Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning is the company for you. We can educate you about what to look for before you buy to ensure you are only getting a high quality unit. Take a look at the following factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a water treatment solution.

Identify Contaminants

A very important step is to identify the contaminants in your water to ensure the water treatment solution you choose can eliminate them. In Colorado well water there can be many contaminants – calcium, radium, barium, arsenic, and magnesium, to name a few—and they frequently show up together. There is also iron, which can be challenging to remove, for some. Many generic water softeners will not remove iron for long–always ask to see the manufacturer’s specifications. Placing a conventional water softener in heavy iron conditions drastically reduces the life expectancy of the unit by iron fouling of the ion exchange media. Even from the initial installation these units rarely reach the desired reduction of iron to below 0.3 ppm (again—always ask to see the manufacturer’s specifications that pertain to iron removal). The water treatment solutions from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning will address these issues. Our equipment and technicians are at the forefront in the treatment of the most severe iron problems, and because the WaterMax® is customizable, we are able to configure it to filter or otherwise remove ferric iron, iron algae, iron bacteria, and protect the resin to remove the ferrous iron, calcium, and radium. The unit also has built in sediment filtration and a bacteriostat to inhibit bacteria growth.

Identify Water Use, Production & Pressure

The amount of water used, water flow and water pressure are major factors in determining the proper water treatment solution.  Household size may influence consumption, but different families have different needs and require different capacities.  Well production and pump capacity are very important in determining if the water treatment system will be able to adequately regenerate (clean) itself.  A water treatment consultant from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning will come to your home to perform a FREE water analysis that includes measuring your water pressure and flow rate so you’ll get a clear picture of your water situation—and learn how to improve it.

Call for your complimentary water analysis today, 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!

Better Water for Better Living!

You might have heard the rumor that water softener discharge can damage your septic tank. Well, that just isn’t true! According to the Water Quality Association (WQA), water softener discharges do not pose a problem to septic systems or to the leach field. Studies have shown that water softener discharge has no negative effect on the septic drain field’s soil percolation, and could actually improve soil percolation, particularly in fine-textured soils. Learn more about the benefits of having a water softener system along Colorado’s Front Range and then give us a call to get yours!

How a Water Softener System Works

A water softening system reduces the concentration of hardness-causing dissolved minerals in your water that accompany hard water problems such as spots on dishes, scale buildup, and more. Hard water makes cleaning more difficult and frustrating. A water softener system uses salt to reduce these hardness-causing minerals and eliminate the problems that come with them. All they require is a regular addition of salt to ensure the system has enough to make your water to your exact specifications. You can get a whole-house water softener system so all the water that enters your home is to your liking! These are very low-maintenance units, so don’t avoid them if you’re worried about adding another stress to your life. They can make a real difference in your home, and you can get one from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning!

Our Water Softener System

Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning has a water conditioning system to meet all your needs when it comes to your water. In addition to its softening function, the Hague WaterMax water treatment system also cleans your water and can be set to regenerate based on the date, your consumption, or on-demand. It’s easy to customize and perfect for any home that is dealing with the frustrating effects of hard water! Plus, it uses an absolute brining system so you never have to worry about wasting water or salt. Best of all, Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning can install your new system anywhere along Colorado’s Front Range.  And if your water develops new problems in the future, we can take care of those for you as well! Trust Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning to meet all your water treatment needs.

Water Softener Systems Along Colorado’s Front Range 

Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning is here to ensure the water that comes into your home is to your exact specifications. Whether you need water softening, treatment or purification, we can help you. The Hague WaterMax can make a real difference in your home and give your family the water quality they deserve. Give us a call to learn more about the Hague WaterMax water treatment system and to order yours today! Remember, we can even install it for you – just leave all the hard work to Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning – your Front Range water conditioning company!

For more information, or a copy of the WQA septic tank study, call 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899 today!

Better Water for Better Living!

Hard water is a very common problem – in both private and public water supplies. It makes cleaning and maintaining appliances very difficult and can negatively impact energy efficiency, but it can also be easily treated. If you are looking for hard water treatment along Colorado’s Front Range, Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning is here to help. We can give you back control of your water and ensure it performs as you need it to – without making your life more difficult! Learn more about hard water and your hard water treatment options and then give us a call to fix the problem!

Call for a FREE water analysis, 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!

Hard Water Composition

The main difference between hard water and soft water is that the former has a high content of hardness-causing dissolved minerals. The most common hardness-causing minerals are calcium and magnesium. According to the Water Quality Association, hard water is water that contains dissolved hardness minerals above 1 gpg (grains per gallon, or 17.1 ppm or mg/l). Relative levels of hardness have been established as:

Soft Water – less than 1 gpg

Slightly hard – 1 to 3.5 gpg

Moderately hard – 3.5 to 7 gpg

Hard – 7 to 10.5 gpg

Very Hard – 10.5 and higher gpg

Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning can remove the hardness from your water regardless of the level of hardness present. We can GUARANTEE zero grain hard water!

The Effects of Hard Water

So, why get a water softener to remove hardness from your water? Hard water can be very damaging to your plumbing system, clothing, appliances—and bank account! Hard water spots your glasses and dishes, causes laundry to appear dull and to deteriorate more quickly, and causes soap scum and scale buildup, making cleaning a chore. Hardness acts like cholesterol in the water system by clogging pipes and shower heads. It also coats the heating elements in certain appliances causing severely reducing energy efficiency and costing you money!  Hardness can also cause you to use up to 75% more soap and drink mixes than necessary—again costing you money!

Hard Water Treatment Along The Front Range

The Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water conditioning system is the answer for extremely efficient water softening. In fact, this equipment can remove over 5,000 grains of hardness for each pound of salt! That means high quality softened water and fewer problems with your plumbing, appliances and pocketbook! Additionally, the WaterMax® also removes sediment with its integrated filter, can regenerate in around 12 minutes and even tracks consumption to ensure you always have clean water when you need it.

Call Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning today at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899 to improve the quality of your water and your life!

Better Water For Better Living!

In reaching a choice of water treatment system, there are a few important questions you should ask. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning provides effective solutions for home’s water treatment along Colorado’s Front Range. We know what questions you need to ask to ensure you are getting the right home water treatment system.

Home Water Treatment Questions

Make sure you ask your potential home water treatment company the following questions. These  help to ensure you are getting a quality system from a reputable company to address problems specific to your water.

Is my water quality representative trained and certified? It’s extremely important to verify that the water quality representative you are dealing with has been properly trained and certified. Ask the representative if you can see his/her WQA certification card and ask if their company is a member of the Water Quality Association.

Is installation of the home water treatment system included in the price?   This is important to know since installation could make the price more than you had anticipated!

Does installation include a hard plumbed bypass; will there be an untreated outside hose bib to water the lawn?  If installation doesn’t include either of these, you may need to add them later—at additional cost.

Does the company offer leasing options and do you have an option-to-buy provision?  This is an economical solution to get a home water treatment system in a way that is affordable for you.

Does the dealer you’ve selected have an established business in the area? Will their service team be able to take care of you if you have problems?  Ask friends and family about their experiences with the company to get an idea of their reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau, Service Magic and similar consumer websites for information regarding the company.

Does the dealer have customer references available?   A reputable dealer should be able to provide references. You can also look for customer testimonials on the dealer’s website.

Will a representative come out and perform a water test to determine the proper equipment for your water?  This is essential to ensure you are getting the right home water system to meet your needs. Without a test you are just guessing and hoping for the best.

Did the representative establish your well pump production to ensure the unit will work properly?   There’s no point in installing equipment that won’t work, so make sure all the important measurements have been taken.

If you are treating for health-related reasons, is the representative State-certified to draw samples for testing at a State-certified lab? – Make sure your water is being tested by qualified professionals so you can be confident the problems will be treated properly.

Did the representative answer all questions regarding design, function, and cost of the equipment? – If you have any questions you must ask. If your questions go unanswered or can’t be specifically answered that should send up a red flag.

Does the dealer offer service on their water conditioning systems; do they provide follow-ups on routine maintenance? It’s nice to stick with a company you trust for installation, repairs, and beyond.

Does the equipment carry a specific written warranty?  Warranties will vary by equipment and manufacturer, so make sure to ask about the warranty on the home water treatment unit you are considering.

Do the equipment specifications address the water quality issues that have been identified?  Compare the results of any tests to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the level of a certain contaminant exceeds that in the specifications you should have little confidence the equipment will solve your problems or address your concerns.

Will the dealer provide you with a copy of the warranty and explain its details?  Don’t ignore the fine print! A “lifetime warranty” might not be what you expect!

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Better Water for Better Living!

Water constitutes 85% of the body and is critical in regulating all body organs and temperature, dissolving solids, and moving nutrients throughout the body. Because water is naturally low in sodium, has no fat, cholesterol, or caffeine and isn’t flushed straight through the body like other beverages, it’s the natural solution to help reach your body’s daily fluid quota. The Institute of Medicine advises that we consume roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. This does vary by activity level, health circumstances (including pregnancy), and even by age.

The bottom line is that if you feel like you are thirsty, then you should drink up! But, make sure you are drinking the healthiest water possible by contacting Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning at 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899.  

Better Water For Better Living!

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