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HydroClean HC3

HydroClean HC3 Water Softener

Well or City Water HC3’s are Efficient, Effective, Budget Minded

The Hague HydroClean HC3 is a highly efficient water softener that maximizes conventional technology to deliver unsurpassed performance. Proven reliable in over half a million homes, the HydroClean HC3 will provide your home with years of the highest quality water. The HydroClean HC3 is an exclusive product of Hague Quality Water International. Hague’s total involvement in its engineering and manufacturing has allowed it to maintain value and consistent quality.

Hague HydroClean HC3 Features:

  • Dual-Mode Electronic Controller
  • Capacity Guard™ Resin Bed Protection
  • Low 12 VAC Voltage
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Built-in Bypass Valve
  • Whisper Quiet Valve Body
  • Easy to Operate
  • Uses counter-current regeneration for more thorough and effective resin cleaning than in traditional water softeners.

The HydroClean HC3 Advantages:

  • Provides purified water with no bad taste or odor
  • Eliminates hard water stains and deposits on fixtures
  • Eliminates soap scum
  • Soft water provides brighter, cleaner, laundry
  • Stops hard water damage to pipes and appliances
  • Soft water provides savings

We stand behind this new generation of water cleaning equipment, confident that it will exceed your expectations for years to come. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning has The Right Solution for all your water needs.