No, you should not use soft water for lawn maintenance. Living with soft water requires some small changes when it comes to normal household tasks, but you’ll probably find these changes are worth it since you don’t have to deal with hard water any longer! Learn more about living with a water conditioner along Colorado’s Front Range and give Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning a call to order yours!

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Water Conditioners & Lawn Maintenance

For outside use on lawns or gardens, using softened water is wasteful. Depending on how much salt you need to use to reduce the mineral content of your water, the sodium content after softening may be great enough to retard plant growth and harm grass. This is especially true in climates where rainfall is scarce. Areas that receive regular rain are not as sensitive to sodium accumulation because the rainfall alleviates the sodium from the ground. Ask the dealer who is installing your water conditioner about a bypass for lawn and garden faucets as well as a faucet for untreated water.

Water Conditioners & Soap

Having a hard water conditioner also affects how you clean. Soft water makes a small amount of soap have the same cleaning effect as a large amount, so we suggest you start by using one quarter of the product recommendation and go from there. This includes dish washing liquid as well as shampoo and conditioner. You don’t want to waste soap or have to spend a long time trying to wash it away!

Water Conditioners & Humidifiers

If you have a humidifier, using conditioned water makes cleaning your unit much easier! Hard water creates mineral buildup on appliances like humidifiers that can make them difficult to clean. With soft water, cleaning your humidifier is much simpler. Usually all it takes is either flushing out the unit or using a soft brush to remove any minor buildup. So you can avoid scrubbing for hours just to get rid of buildup by using a water conditioner – what’s not to like?

Water Conditioners & Your Bathroom

Can’t stand that grimy buildup on your shower curtain? Using a hard water conditioner will help to eliminate it! Soft water doesn’t contain the hardness-causing minerals that are present in hard water, so you don’t get that irritating buildup in your shower. This makes cleaning much easier! Instead of spending hours scrubbing the tub and shower curtain, just a little cleaning power could be all it takes!

Get a Water Conditioner Along The Front Range

If you’re looking for a water conditioner along Colorado’s Front Range, call Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning. We carry the Hague WaterMax water treatment system which functions as a water conditioner as well as a purifier. It can be set to regenerate based on date, consumption, or on-demand. It also includes an absolute brining system to ensure you never waste water or salt. Best of all, we can even get it up and running for you! Give us a call to learn more about our water conditioners and to order yours today 888-741-1711 or local 303-728-4899!  

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