You certainly can! Soft water actually makes humidifier cleaning easier. When hard water evaporates, a hard scale forms that normally requires some drastic removal techniques. But when soft water is used, the residue is commonly called “soft” and can usually be easily removed. Learn more about humidifier cleaning, and then call Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning!

Cleaning a Humidifier 101

As we said, humidifier cleaning is much easier when you have soft water. Hard water contains a lot of hardness-causing minerals which can coat your pipes, leave spots on your dishes, and make cleaning a humidifier difficult! Remember, softening water does not reduce the total amount of minerals present; ion exchange softening switches the calcium and magnesium hardness-causing minerals with sodium minerals.

The most common humidifier in homes has an open pan, a small tube connected to a water source, and a float valve. When water evaporates, the float valve opens to permit more water to flow into the pan. Eventually this type of unit fills with minerals deposited by the water. Using soft water will keep the mineral buildup down and the humidifier functioning properly. All you need to do when cleaning buildup off of a humidifier using soft water is flush the unit and then go over it with a soft brush. If you’d like to disinfect the unit, check your manual for instructions. It’s important to follow the directions provided for humidifier maintenance as you will probably be using bleach and you don’t want to harm the unit or make anyone sick.

How to Make Humidifier Cleaning Easier

Soft water makes humidifier cleaning simple. The Hague WaterMax water treatment system can both soften your water and purify it. It’s easy to use and has an absolute brining system to ensure you never waste salt or water during regeneration. Plus, you can set it to regenerate on your schedule, whether that’s by calendar, by consumption, or on-demand. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning makes getting soft water easy.

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Humidifiers are a great addition to any home, particularly in our dry climate. But you might avoid them if you’re worried about frustrating humidifier maintenance. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning makes owning (and cleaning) a humidifier a stress-free experience. Give us a call to get your Hague WaterMax water treatment system so you can see the difference soft water will make in your home. You won’t have to deal with buildup in your pipes, dull clothing, spots on your dishes, or any other hard water problems any longer.

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