If you are trying to improve your home’s water quality, you may have heard the terms point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE). The distinction between the two is important, as they are very different products. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning offers both POU and POE options for water treatment. We can help you decide whether a POU or POE water treatment system best meets your needs.

POU Water Treatment Products

Point-of-use (POU) water filtration products treat only the water intended for direct consumption, e.g., water coming straight from the tap–typically the water you drink and cook with. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning carries Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certified Reverse Osmosis drinking water purification systems. Reverse osmosis is “Final Barrier” technology–the last step of purification to prevent the ingestion of contaminants. Our systems fit conveniently beneath your sink with a spigot at the counter-top. We can also hook this 4-stage reverse osmosis system up to your ice maker or water dispensing refrigerator. Hague’s POU reverse osmosis systems come with the same 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty as our WaterMax® line.

POE Water Treatment Products

Point-of-entry (POE) products are typically installed where your water first enters your home, treating it before it moves through your pipes. The Hague WaterMax® comprehensive water treatment system is a POE system. The Hague WaterMax® can be customized to address your specific water quality concerns. It’s easy to use-almost maintenance free–and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. There is a built-in sediment filter to reduce solids in your water. The WaterMax® is tremendously efficient and uses a patented Absolute Brining™ system that ensures you never waste salt or water during regeneration–the WaterMax® will use only the amount of salt necessary to regenerate the resin bed. Speaking of regeneration – the WaterMax® regenerates in as little as 12 minutes, using as few as 14 gallons of water! Plus, you have complete control over your regeneration schedule. Whether you want regeneration on demand, by consumption, or by calendar, you can make the Hague WaterMax® match your schedule and needs! If you’re looking for water treatment in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado’s Front Range, Foothills and Mountain Communities, the Hague WaterMax® is a great choice!

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