In reaching a choice of water treatment system, there are a few important questions you should ask. Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning provides effective solutions for home’s water treatment in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado’s Front Range, Foothills and Mountain Communities. We know what questions you need to ask to ensure you are getting the right home water treatment system.

Home Water Treatment Questions

Make sure you ask your potential home water treatment company the following questions: (These questions will help to ensure you are getting a quality system from a reputable company to address problems specific to your water.)

Is my water quality representative trained and certified? It’s extremely important to verify that the water quality representative you are dealing with has been properly trained and certified. Ask the representative if you can see his/her WQA certification card and ask if their company is a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Is installation of the home water treatment system included in the price? This is important to know since installation could make the price much more than you had anticipated!

Does installation include a hard plumbed bypass; will there be an untreated outside hose bib to water the lawn? If installation doesn’t include either of these, you may need to add them later — at additional cost.

Does the company offer leasing options and do you have an option-to-buy provision? This is an economical solution to get a home water treatment system in a way that is affordable for you.

Does the dealer that you have selected have established business in the area? Will their service team be able to take care of you if you have problems? Ask friends and family about their experiences with the company to get an idea of their reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau, Service Magic and similar consumer websites for information regarding the company.

Does the company have customer references available? A reputable dealer should be able to provide references. You can also look for customer testimonials on the dealer’s website.

Will a representative come out and perform a water test to determine the proper equipment for your water? This is essential to ensure you are getting the right home water system to meet your needs. Without certain water tests you are just guessing and hoping for the best.

Did the representative establish your well pump production to ensure the unit will work properly? There’s no point in installing equipment that won’t work, so make sure all the important measurements have been taken.

If you are treating your water for health-related reasons, is the representative State-certified to draw samples for testing at a State-certified lab? Make sure your water is being tested by qualified professionals so you can be confident the problems will be treated properly.

Did the representative answer all questions regarding design, function, and cost of the equipment? If you have any questions you must ask. If your questions go unanswered or can’t be specifically answered that should send up a red flag.

Does the dealer offer service on their water treatment systems; do they provide follow-ups on routine maintenance? It’s nice to stick with a company you trust for installation, repairs, and beyond.

Does the equipment carry a specific written warranty? Warranties will vary by equipment and manufacturer, so make sure to ask about the warranty on the home water treatment unit you are considering.

Do the equipment specifications address the water quality issues that have been identified? Compare the results of any tests to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the level of a certain contaminant exceeds that in the specifications you should have little confidence the equipment will solve your problems or address your concerns.

Will the dealer provide you with a copy of the warranty and explain its details? Don’t ignore the fine print! A “lifetime warranty” might not be what you expect!

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