It’s important to consider all your options to ensure you get the best system for your home or business.  If you are thinking about getting a water treatment solution in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado’s Front Range, Foothills and Mountain Communities, Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning is the company for you. We can educate you about what to look for before you buy to ensure you are only getting a high quality unit. Take a look at the following factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a water treatment solution.

Identify Contaminants

A very important step is to identify the contaminants in your water to ensure the water treatment solution you choose can eliminate them. In Colorado well water there can be many contaminants – calcium, radon, uranium, radium, barium, arsenic, and magnesium, to name a few—and they frequently show up together. There is also iron, which can be challenging to remove, for some. Many generic water softeners will not remove iron for long — always ask to see the manufacturer’s specifications. Placing a conventional water softener in heavy iron conditions drastically reduces the life expectancy of the unit by iron fouling of the ion exchange media. Even from the initial installation these units rarely reach the desired reduction of iron to below 0.3 ppm (again — always ask to see the manufacturer’s specifications that pertain to iron removal.) The water treatment solutions from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning will address these issues. Our equipment and technicians are at the forefront in the treatment of the most severe iron problems, and because the WaterMax® is customizable, we are able to configure it to filter or otherwise remove ferric iron, iron algae, iron bacteria, and protect the resin to remove the ferrous iron, calcium, and radium. The unit also has built in sediment filtration and a bacteriostat to inhibit bacteria growth.

Identify Water Use, Production & Pressure

The amount of water used, water flow and water pressure are major factors in determining the proper water treatment solution. Household size may influence consumption, but different families have different needs and require different capacities. Well production and pump capacity are very important in determining if the water treatment system will be able to adequately regenerate (clean) itself. A water treatment consultant from Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning will come to your home to perform certain FREE water tests that includes measuring your water pressure and flow rate so you will get a clear picture of your water situation — and learn how to improve it.

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