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Meet Our Team

Michelle Rucks, Owner and CEO

     Michelle Rucks, Owner and CEO of Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning, has spent more than eighteen years operating and growing businesses. She is experienced in virtually all aspects of business including performing sales, business operations, marketing, paralegal duties, bookkeeping and financial responsibilities. She has worked in the publishing, legal, banking and even gardening fields. She has successfully established and maintained growth in each position. On the heels of starting and working in a gardening business that very quickly expanded to fill the schedules of she and her partner before moving to Colorado in 2016, she has now guided Rocky Mountain Water Conditioning into position as one of Colorado’s successful professional water treatment companies.  

     She now brings that experience to the water treatment and purification industry, having recognized the growing need for these services in homes and businesses. Her decision to offer highly efficient whole house and business water treatment systems as well as drinking water (reverse osmosis – RO) systems reflects her concern for the environment and water conservation. She is driven to provide excellent and unfailing customer service. Michelle has an AA in Paralegal Studies (Magna Cum Laude) and a BS in Business Administration and Management. She has also served as a volunteer with the Spa Creek Conservancy in Annapolis, MD, where she participated in planting and rain garden construction to prevent runoff pollution of local waterways.

Tom Kinnane, Master Water Specialist/Certified Installer

     Tom Kinnane is a Water Quality Association Master Water Specialist (Level VI), Certified Installer, Accredited Hague Service Technician and Colorado Licensed Water Conditioning Principal (#WP00000010). He has more than 15 years of experience providing water treatment solutions for residential and commercial clients. He is experienced in treating both well water and “city” water, and is particularly adept at designing effective, customized solutions for problem well water issues.
     Tom is experienced with point-of-use systems, such as reverse osmosis (RO), point-of-entry systems; bottleless water coolers; whole-house reverse osmosis systems; ultra-filtration; nano-filtration; disinfection processes; acidic water; water containing health hazards such as arsenic, nitrates, radium and uranium; and ozone treatment systems for commercial laundries, home laundries, swimming pools and air purification. He has successfully built and led residential and commercial sales teams; his sales professionals and dealership consistently appearing in the manufacturer’s national Top 10 lists. He is committed to providing valuable, effective and efficient solutions to his clients’ water issues and concerns.

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